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    Citizenship by Investment

    Antigua & Barbuda

    Antigua & Barbuda is a state consisting of two main sister islands as well as several smaller islands located in the Eastern Caribbean, in the midst of the Leeward Islands. The English settled on the two islands before they achieved Commonwealth status, and thus, English remains the official language. Elizabeth II of England is recognized as the Queen of Antigua & Barbuda, and is represented by a Governor-General, although the Prime Minister is the head of the state government.


    Dominica is an independent island Commonwealth in the Caribbean Sea, and is the northernmost of the Winward Islands in the Lesser Antilles Archipelago. It was originally settled by the French, and then the British, which is why English remains the official language, with Dominican Creole French as a secondary vernacular. The country is also home to the only remaining pre-Columbian population in the eastern Caribbean, a community of around 3,000 Carib Indians.


    Grenada is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea made up of a main island and six smaller islands, with a combined size of 344 square kilometers. It is an independent Commonwealth with Elizabeth II of England as its Queen and Head of State, represented in the country by a Governor-General. Before it gained independence, it was a French and then a British colony. The country’s official language is English although it also recognizes Creole English and Creole French as regional languages.

    St. Kitts & Nevis

    St. Kitts and Nevis is an independent federal state with Elizabeth II of England as its Queen and Head of State, represented in the country by a Governor-General. The country consists of two main islands of volcanic origin, with a total area of 261 square kilometers, making it the smallest state of the Americas. Its official language is English, reflecting its history as a British settlement.

    St. Lucia

    With many countries now offering citizenship by investment programs, why does St. Lucia stand out? This Caribbean nation offers a luxurious lifestyle amid a rustic and laid-back atmosphere. Its resorts, while small, boast of some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. And there are a wide variety of things you can do and see, including enjoying secluded and unspoiled beaches, climb the world renowned Piton Mountains that have become the country’s unofficial symbol and exploring old plantations that harken back to the country’s colonial past.

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